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We Can Make Banana Bread out of These Worn Bananas
Just Maggie

An untidy room has more expression, but a clean room gives creativity a chance to run rampant. I firmly believe in this (just don't tell my mom, a neat freak). My reasoning: last night I was able to get past this part in a story I'm working on and I had a crazy dream. I love dreams even when I hate them. There are the short ones that last hours and the long ones that only eat up fifteen minutes of sleep. Reoccurring ones are always my favorite. When I was a kid and living at my grandma's, I had the same dream about snow white and how to save her about once a month. It changed every night though, because I could remember what happened the last time I dreamed it. Now it reminds me of Groundhogs Day.

Pandora keeps spilling her bedding all over my clean floor.


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